Blues for Pablo
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Evans, Gil <1912-1988> - Evans, Gil <1912-1988>

Blues for Pablo

Abstract: [From this edition's notes by Jeffrey Sultanof] Blues for Pablo was originally written for Hal McKusick for inclusion on his Jazz Workshop LP recorded in 1956 for RCA Victor Records (this album also included Jambangle, which was later re-orchestrated and expanded for Evans' Big Stuff LP for Prestige Records). Evans mixes an idea in minor that has two influences (a theme from de Falla's ballet El Sombrero de Tres Picos and a Mexican folk song) with a blues in major, and the effect is pure Gil Evans. His treatment of this piece for Davis' album is identical in form to the McKusick version, but is in a different key, and of course is set for a larger ensemble. Despite a large brass ensemble of five trumpets, four trombones (including a bass trombone) and tuba, he used four reeds, of which only one was a saxophone. The other reeds are flutes and bass clarinet. Please note that there is no piano part for this arrangement, and none should be added. This edition hues closely to what Evans originally wrote as we have used the original score as the basis; the only changes are corrections of wrong notes. Don't let anyone tell you that maestro Evans did not make mistakes in his manuscripts; he most certainly did. So an editor must look carefully to make sure that what is finally published is in fact what the composer wanted. This is made easier because Evans' voicings are based on instrumental doublings, so checking say, the bass clarinet and bass trombone against each other usually solves any note questions, as well as listening to the recording. Obviously, consultation of the original parts would be helpful to aid in this pursuit. However, the original parts are currently unavailable. We did have access to the original score, however. EDITORIALE

Titolo e contributi: Blues for Pablo [U01] : as recorded by the Miles Davis / Gil Evans Orchestra / music by Gil Evans ; arranged by Gil Evans ; edited by Rob Duboff and Jeffrey Sultanof

Dati sulla musica notata: [Score and parts]

Pubblicazione: Saratoga Springs, NY : Jazz lines publications : Jazz lines foundation, ©2010

Descrizione fisica: 1 partitura (21 p.) ; 33 cm. + 19 parti ; 31 cm

Serie: Gil Evans series

ISBN: 9781574060959


Paese: Stati Uniti d'America

Serie: Gil Evans series ; 1
  • Titolo della copertina. Per jazz band. Note biografiche ed editoriali in inglese.
  • Partitura e diciannove parti così distinte: Solo Trumpet Alto Saxophone Flute Alto Flute Bass Clarinet 5 Trumpets (6 total trumpets) 2 Horns in F 3 Trombones Bass Trombone Tuba Bass Drums

Nomi: (Arrangiatore) (Curatore [Editor]) (Arrangiatore) (Impaginatore) (Curatore [Editor])


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  • Tipo di data: date di pubblicazione e copyright/privilegio
  • Data di pubblicazione: 2010
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  • Contenuti: musica a stampa

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