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Gershwin, George <1898-1937>


Abstract: The music for Summertime, of course, comes from Porgy and Bess, and that album is a deserved classic. Evans's arrangement centers around a repeated line or riff, which changes color and texture throughout as Davis improvises over the melody. Evans would later adapt this arrangement for an album with Helen Merrill, and that performance included a guest appearance by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy. The arrangement for Davis has two separate introductions played one after another at the beginning. These were cut for the recording, but are included here for their historical value. Playing or not playing them in performance is of course left to the discretion of the conductor. This is a fairly straightforward setting of the classic Gershwin song. Dynamics in all of Evans's music is of prime importance. Minimal miking of the flutes is recommended so that they can be heard, but they must not be louder than the brass. For this publication optional C flute parts as alternates for the two alto flutes are provided. EDITORIALE

Titolo e contributi: Summertime [U01] : as recorded by the Miles Davis/Gil Evans Orchestra / music and lyrics by George Gershwin, DuBose and Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin ; arranged by Gil Evans ; prepared by Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof

Pubblicazione: Saratoga Springs, NY : Jazz lines publications : Jazz lines foundation, ©2012

Descrizione fisica: 1 partitura (11 p.) ; 33 cm. + 21 parti ; 31 cm

Serie: Gil Evans series

ISBN: 9781574062793


Paese: Stati Uniti d'America

Serie: Gil Evans series ; 1
  • Titolo della copertina. Per jazz band. Note biografiche ed editoriali in inglese.
  • Partitura e ventuno parti così distinte: Solo Trumpet or Flugelhorn Woodwind 1: Alto Saxophone Woodwind 2: Alto Flute Alter. Woodwind 2: C Flute Woodwind 3: Alto Flute Alter. Woodwind 3: C Flute Woodwind 4: Bass Flute 4 Trumpets 3 Horns in F 4 Trombones Tuba Bass Drums

Nomi: (Arrangiatore) (Curatore [Editor]) (Arrangiatore) (Curatore [Editor])


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  • Data di pubblicazione: 2012
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